With temperatures dropping, we’re gearing up to offer more classes starting October 1st.

  • We are super excited to welcome Breanne Nalder Harward back to BodyWise! She will be teaching Indoor Cycle and Core Conditioning on Mondays and Thursdays- woohoo!
  • High Fitness is back with Laura Claflin on Monday nights and soon, Hadley Regal on Thursdays.
  • We’ve added more BootCamps on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with Jenny Larsen and Dan Ray… we knew you wanted more max circuit parties in Studio 2!  Speaking of BootCamp, our small group classes are now offered with our regular BodyWise membership.

Keep in mind, we still have class size limits. Please reserve your spot in class by signing up ahead of time online. This also helps our front desk staff speed up the check in process.

We have ongoing changes as we continue to navigate our way through the Covid-19 crisis. As a local business owner, it makes me proud to persevere through the crisis with members and staff who have been and remain incredibly responsible, helpful and supportive.  As we aim to move forwards in our goal to stay open for business, we are thankful to you for getting vaccinated, wearing masks when needed, staying home when you’re not feeling well, cleaning your equipment and continuing to keep some social distance between other patrons.  Let’s keep up with our healthy lifestyle habits- sleep well, exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet!


Masks are optional if you are fully vaccinated. If you are not fully vaccinated, we ask that you keep yourself safe and continue to wear your mask while using our facilities. If you are exercising at a high level of intensity, you may need to lower your mask to chin and maintain social distance from other members and staff while breathing heavily.

If you would like your membership freeze re-activated, extended or cancelled please email your request at least 1 week prior to auto-payment date to BodyWiseSLC@outlook.com. Please do not request cancellations or freezes with voice mails. Freezes will automatically re-activate after 3 months. You should receive an automated email with a reminder. 

See you soon, Monday through Thursday 5:30am – 8:30pm, Friday 5:30 – 8:00 and Saturday/Sunday 7:00am – 3:00pm.

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